Policing: a much needed social service!

Emergency Social Services
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Those who sit and continually undermine the police or, simply pontificate and theorise about all our social ills, generally do so from a distance and through rose-tinted spectacles. They tend to have very little cognisance of the actual reality.

If you want to get a realistic grip on some of the issues impacting upon our society, try asking a police officer!

They see, and often have to deal with, many of those issues that others prefer to push to one side, ignore or simply avoid at all costs…

POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG: I have just spent another weekend on The Swamp estate in Ruraltown.  A place where pornography is substituted for relationships, children are sexually active and teenagers routinely pregnant, money is prized above all else and violence is both casual and premeditated. The moral basis of life in that place is irrational. Nearly every person who lives here is totally dependent upon the State for finance and housing and many have multiple social…Read More

Policing is often a difficult job and one that I’m sure, many would be less inclined to continually berate if they actually knew what it often entails!

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