Police Cuts: who to blame?

See how damaging the police cuts are

Cut crime, not the Police” predictable and totally expected spin from the Labour Party

As the situation is so emotive (and impacts upon so many), the rhetoric from the opposition is deafening and PR opportunities are prime for the picking… However; it’s a little limp to try to blame the current administration for the decade or more of inherited ills that are currently impacting upon our public services.

Now I have no political allegiance of any kind. To be honest I think like many; I’m probably as pissed off as most about the state of our political system and those who supposedly represent us. Whichever side of the house they currently sit, I think there are precious few that actually have any genuine (or ethically based) interest in the wellbeing of our society. It’s all about them!

Historically, this has always been the methodology of successive governments in our country, political point scoring and PR spin. Make a balls-up of something but don’t worry it will be ok, if it doesn’t go to plan, you can always blame the previous administration for the cock-up. You just have to ensure you keep up the pressure of accusation and blame, at least until the next general election when you can regain power again.

The Tory-led Government is taking a huge gamble with our economy and is now taking an even bigger gamble with our safety by cutting the police budget by more than 20 per cent over the next four years… Yet the Tory-led Government is risking this progress by cutting police funding. (Read more)

The public often tend not to look any further than the ‘here and now’, little or no cognisance of previous failings and little interest in the future, especially if they don’t see a major impact upon their life on the horizon. It’s a situation that successive politicians are fully aware of and capitalise upon at every opportunity.

This is much the same throughout public sector management and in particular, many of the senior police officers who actually appear to excel at it. Perhaps the reasoning behind this may be the current development and selection process used to appoint Chief officers however, the process tends to breed (and replicate) individuals more focussed upon self-service than public service.

I remain to be convinced about the urgency and the scale of the current public sector cuts. That said, I’m also greatly sickened that many of these cuts are being decided upon and managed by those largely responsible for them in the first place. Often they (or their predecessors) are actually the ones who have presided over the high levels of wastage from the public purse. A waste of public money that is actually responsible for today’s problem!

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