Rooney’s example to our kids…

Wayne Rooney
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It is a common trait of the youth of today… Anger! But why?

I can partly accept that the anger some people display, it’s often born out of frustration about things that are, or they perceive to be, beyond their control.

Frustration they are unemployed, frustration that they are finding it hard to feed and clothe their families, or keep a roof over their heads, in these difficult times.

Wayne Rooney has non of those ‘excuses’ to fall back on! He is simply an over paid, not very bright, brat. One who throws his teddy out of the cot when someone dares to challenge him or say they don’t like him. I’m somewhat aghast (but not surprised) that Sir Alex Furguson so vociferously supports Manchester United’s pet animal.

As Mark Payne says in his blog post (see below), Rooney and others like him, are one of the root causes of the anger and lack of respect for other people in our society, let alone any respect for authority. It’s a trait displayed, often with serious impact, in many of our town centres on Friday/Saturday nights…

Mark Payne: At the weekend I watched Wayne Rooney score a hat trick for Man Utd, rescuing them from certain defeat. He celebrated this achievement by walking over to the nearest camera and indulging in a juvenile rant using a series of four letter words, his face screwed up in rage…. Why is this worthy of comment? I have seen a thousan … Read More

Our society needs to stop placing people like Rooney on gold-plated pedestals and paying then disgusting amounts of money, simply because they happen to be reasonably good at controlling a simple leather bag of wind. Perhaps if his human traits were anywhere near on a par with his football skills it could be partly justified but until then; the mindless thug should have been locked up. He simply doesn’t warrant the adulation he receives!

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2 thoughts on “Rooney’s example to our kids…

  1. Tom I think you either miss my point or, equally as likely, I have not expressed it well enough… I do not seek to blame Rooney (and his ilk) for all the ills in our society. Neither do I look at life with a view that everything and everyone is to blame for any glitch that may befall my life. You are right that, to a certain extent, we are all masters of our own destiny and, I also fully understand the level of work a child goes through to excel professionally at any sport.
    Parenting is a fundamental part in all this, and one that is often abdecated to others by those who should really be stepping up to the mark for their kids.
    I stick by my personal observation that I dislike Rooney (and many other so-called celebrities like him) but you are right, as a society we are the ones responsible for elevating people like him to levels ofadulation they do not deserve. Pity we have such an aspirational love afair with celebrity satus.


  2. Spoken like a true BBC-Points-of-View-contributor.

    Please see the link on mark payne’s blog site, for my full response:

    Fundamentally, there is an economics concept known as ‘supply and demand’. This, in its simplest form, is why people such as Wayne Rooney, Mario Balotelli, Nicholas Anelka, Duncan Ferguson and many other players down the years have been able to command such a high income. I notice you haven’t made any reference to the plethora of poorly behaved rock, TV and movie stars who in many cases, command even greater sums.

    Your points around people’s frustrations at the state of society, employment, putting food on tables is apt to an extent. However, there is a fabulous education system in the UK, like it or not. It’s down to parents to ensure their children get the most out of it, in whichever form. Many rock stars attended performing arts schools or similar, many City workers went through the college and university systems to get where they are, and so too footballers, such a Wayne Rooney went through the YTS systems.

    Do not underestimate the amount of hard work and determination a teenager with exceptional footballing talent must demonstrate to become a true success.

    I cannot judge those who are unemployed of course not, but we are all the masters of our own fates. If you are cursing why you cannot afford to put food on the tables, then look at yourself and your life’s decisions. Could you really have afforded to have 2/3/4 children? Were you ever likely to generate a significant enough income to bring 2/3/4 children up comfortably? It’s all personal responsibility. I know plenty of people who are only gifted with a sense of determination, and sure enough, they are successful. I also know people who were gifted with intelligence, footballing ability, performing arts skills and they are not successful. Again, personal responsibility!

    If I walk into town with my daughter and we overhear some youths sounding off with ‘f’ this and ‘f’ that – guess what….it’s my job to ensure she does not incorporate that into her vocabulary. MY JOB! Not the youth’s faults.

    According to Mr Payne, they should all be arrested for using foul language. Well lord above, wouldn’t our streets be safer. Clearly, robberies, rapings, muggings, car theft, assaults and murders would all decrease exponentially if that were the case!

    So get a life. Stop whinging. Ensure your children grow up properly, because if they don’t, it’s not Wayne Rooney or Pete Doherty’s fault! It is yours as the parent!! And don’t hate the bankers, rock stars and footballers, we live in a capitalist society where success is always achievable and typically rewarded. So try spending your time gaining successes, and sure enough, that will be the best example to set your children!!


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