Maria’s inspiration rings a bell…

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Today my morning ritual was barely any different to that of another day, that’s what a blissful semi-retired lifestyle provides. Having no work to do means you don’t need to set an alarm very often, you just crawl out of bed into the light of day when it suits you.

Not that I’m in the habbit of wasting my day away in bed you understand, it’s just nice not having to start your day with any sense of urgency, one usually caused by the needs of someone or something else. Just relying upon the natural departure of the Sandman once fully refreshed is a good feeling. Today my alarm clock is simply the sounds of a new day starting to hum through the window.

As I pulled the curtains wide, the last remnants of morning mist were dispersing and the first glint of warm sun was doing it’s best to break through. I stood a while observing the masses of worker ants bellow, busily setting about their daily toil and thought; “Isn’t life good, I don’t miss it and I need a cup of tea!”

Yes I could have more money, yes I could live in a different place and yes, I could set about trying to fulfill a dream or two but what the hell, today I’ll have a day off. Too much hankering after what you haven’t got, instead of appreciating what you have, isn’t good for you. It only serves to promote that nasty streak of self-interest and self-importance that I speak about so much!

I have my health, I have those I love and who love me and, I have yet another day to enjoy them to the full, whatever I decide to do with the day. Realistically and often dismissed by many in the developed world, anything in addition to that is actually a bonus. One that we forget far too often, despite the constant tales of suffering and social decay depicted in our 24/7 streaming media to remind us.

Nocturnal dreams rolled into daytime ones as the kettle boiled, I made my drink and sat down to read the news, check my e-mail and browse the window on the world via my laptop. Thanks to the wonders of modern communications, and a pingback on a previous blog post about globalisation, I was briefly drawn to TRAVELITERATURE, the work of Maria Mangos. I found it extremely refreshing to find another example of someone who appears to hold similar views to mine…

Inspiration: Instead of complaining about how busy we are or how less of everything we have we could rephrase our thoughts and rejoice in what we are doing. Positive self-talk helps…. I have a wonderful life and I’m planning many wonderful things. I’m productive with my time and excited about my plans… (Read more)

Perhaps the world isn’t full of ‘self’ after all?

Today may not be destined for any great ‘productivity’ however; Like Maria, I can carry on enjoying it. Hopefully there will be many more of these days in years to come and, I hope Maria’s inspiration continues to rub off on others!

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