Public money still funding clowns!

No clowns allowed. Based on
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An interesting snippet in today’s  BBC News helped to generate something of a wry smile and modicum of cynical merriment…

Apparently back in 1980, during the last lot of major government led austerity measuresMargaret Thatcher wrote a personal letter to school pupils upset by the closure of a clown training school due to government cuts… (Read more)

Nothing strange there really I suppose, many would actually question the the value of expending public funds on a group of clowns? But it wasn’t to be as bad as they originally thought; as Maggie went on to say, in her letter to the pupils at Edgeside Church of England school Lancashire at the time…

“clowns would continue to receive public funds”

I think many would agree, she wasn’t bloody kidding! For years now our government, local authorities and indeed a large portion of the public sector, has been full to the brim with clowns. Individuals who sit in non-jobs, with massively top-heavy management structures and who are all drawing fairly handsome salaries to boot. People who are doing a great deal of stuff we don’t want or need and, very little of the stuff we do require!

Girded into indignant action because of Westminster Council‘s recent crackdown on soup runsmy old mate Allcoppedout was moved to comment…

Proud to be British!  FFS this ain’t what any of us put bodies on the line for! I live in the shame of what we have become.  No doubt somewhere there is a third Lord Hutton with a white-wash brush to tell us this is acceptable behaviour?

I think I would have to agree!

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