Lions roar whilst moggies purr!

North Yorkshire Police
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Here we go with yet another ‘innovative’ crime fighting ‘initiative’. One that this time has been put into operation for the City of York and in addition, it would appear to be one which has already been hailed as a great success by those driving it. The thing that gals me is; York is only a small part of the area that North Yorkshire Police is responsible for.

I can almost hear the cogs turning from here as the Corporate Communications Department develop yet another feel good story in an attempt to placate the community it serves…

Lion deterring York criminals – North Yorkshire Police: Extra resources have been drafted in from around the force to put pressure on local offenders who are known to be committing crime on a regular basis. The city centre was policed by additional high-visibility patrols on Tuesday 15 March, with officers assisting store detectives and shop managers in the fight against retail theft. As a result of the operation there were no reported thefts in York during normal shopping hours, with the police presence acting as a deterrent to potential shoplifters.

But what about the situation when officer numbers return to ‘normal’ levels after the operation? Will there be any long-term impact upon those committed to a life of crime in the city? Also important but rarely considered, what of the impact upon normal policing ability in those other areas of the County, depleted of their limited resources to bolster up City police performance? Aren’t the other tax paying residents of North Yorkshire, who also want high visibility police action, deserved of similar importance?

BBC News: “We have already sent letters to people who we know are committing crime in the city of York on a regular basis, informing them of our intention to discourage them from further offending.” (Supt Lisa Winward – York Safer Neighbourhood Commander)

I suspect this is yet another operation designed more to enhance someones career, as opposed to the provision of overall efficiency for a county… Lions may roar in the city but what of the poor country folk left with a few scrawny purring moggies?

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