MrG comes clean: the demise of the nom de plume!

Sign for the Grumpy Troll pub in Mount Horeb.
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Although blogging prior to retirement required an element of anonymity, if only to protect my career, since I retired my identity hasn’t actually been a secret, to anyone who really wished to find out. My name has been included on my biography page for some time now however to use modern social parlance, I will fess up again…

Blogging and tweeting under the nom de plume of MrG or Grumpy was originally more of a convenience factor and a bit of fun, as opposed to any burning desire to slag people off whilst hiding behind a computer screen. Anyone who actually knows me will also know that; I am renowned for speaking up, I am always prepared to join a debate and put my money where my mouth is so to speak. For many years I have been a strong supporter of the adage… Put up or shut up!

To appease those who suggest I’m simply being mischievous and not prepared to own up to my views, you are wrong. To the new readers welcome and to those more regular ones, I hope you continue to gain something from my musings.


Dave Hasney (AKA MrG)

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