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When it comes to crime statistics, I am not the only one who has observed the extensive and widespread cooking of the books over the years. Indeed, even the government has now finally woken up to smell the coffee

The Home Secretary recently invited the National Statistician to conduct an independent review of crime statistics with the aim of increasing public confidence (see here). It has been decided that the publication of crime statistics should be moved out of the Home Office to promote greater public trust and demonstrate their independence. The review is due to report at the end of April 2011.

“To be persuaded crime is going down, look at the Government figures. To be persuaded it is not, look out of the window”

Allcoppedout’s Blog – Bent crime figures in perspective: Statistics have been bent since the word emerged in ancient Greek.  The treasury of the Athenian Democracy was notoriously short in comparison with the figures of State, which is what the word derives from.  The more modern use, the statistics part of science and mathematics, still causes much debate in terms of Hume’s concerns on induction and possible remedies to it.  All this said, we can apply numbers to problem solving if we are honest about … Read More

The Thin Blue Line has compiled numerous reports and various documents over recent years on the very subject of crime statistics. Recently and most importantly, the author has explained at length how politicians and senior police officers use those figures to deceive the public.

Many of these reports have been submitted to the National Statistician what remains to be seen now is; will they be read, recognised as ‘evidence’ to support the well-known facts and most importantly, bloody well acted upon? We will see!

5 thoughts on “Crime Figures Crime…

  1. Thanks for the link and continued support Grumpy. Wait till you see the full report… just finished it and checking through it. Probably the most contraversial bombshell we will ever drop.

    It is absolutely staggering the bullsh1t we have been expected to swallow all these years and as our old copper latin used to teach us … “Res ipsa Loquitur” Let the facts speak for themselves.

    Let’s just hope the powers that be have the nerve and sphericals to do something about it. The biggest travesty is all those millions paid to Chief Constables in bonuses for fiddled crime figures since 1997.

    Stay safe mate.

    All the best



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