Gabriel stokes a desire to go fishing…

Stoke Gabriel.
Image via Wikipedia

Sifting through my Facebook or Twitter account, I can’t remember which, I happened across an entry from Enjoy England, the official website for short breaks and days out in England.

Any piece that starts off by mentioning rivers, fishing, food and cooking is generally guaranteed to get my attention. As this one ticked ALL the boxes, I was bound to read on.

I have no connection with the business aspect of the entry or indeed Devon, save having been a visitor to the area on many occasions however, I have always had an affinity with these types of idyllic location. Peaceful, relaxing, far from the madding crowd and the type of place you can escape all that is crap in our society, at least for a short period. Not for me the hustle and bustle of city life, give me the country and quiet coastal areas every time.

In today’s eco-conscious times, it doesn’t get much greener than catching your dinner from the comfort of your own riverside balcony and cooking it on a built-in barbecue made from local stone.

Yet that’s exactly the type of Saturday night dining you can expect at the idyllic Grade II-listed Boathouse in South Devon. This sixteenth century bathing house on the banks of the River Dart sits in the middle of real Wind in the Willows country, and can only be reached on foot or by boat.

Note to self: put Stoke Gabriel on the personal list of must visit places.

Visit The Boat House in Stoke Gabriel – an eco lodge on the River Dart : Enjoy England.

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