Every (Fuel) Cloud…

Noddy and Mr Plod, as depicted in the 2000s TV...
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The government austerity measures are starting to have a masive impact on police numbers and now, fuel prices mean those that are left after the cuts will also be short on transport…

Policing is facing many challenges because of the austerity measures however; at least those younger officers who suffer from a modicum of machismo, and/or grew up on a diet of Grand Theft Auto and The Bill etc. will now be forced to interact with the public they serve a little more…

Express.co.uk – Police cars axed in petrol crisis: Nearly half Britain’s forces have already reduced their fleets of vehicles and bigger cuts are coming as climbing oil prices, and duty rises and the VAT rise force up petrol bills… (Read more)

No more driving around willy nilly without actually talking to people. Perhaps we can start to try to rebuild the human interaction aspect of policing, an area that was once the bedrock of the British Bobby‘s methods? It might be that all police vehicles of the future have to be smaller and more fuel-efficient?

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining; always assuming they fill the Noddy cars with the right fuel that is. 🙂

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