Pfft? bloody stats again…

Public sector net borrowing over the last ten ...
Image by HM Treasury

BBC News: As many public sector workers, and plenty of people elsewhere, experience a “freeze” on pay, Michael Blastland explains in his regular column why that does not necessarily prevent wages appearing to rise… (Read more)

The Office of National Statistics: This article considers the likely effects on public sector Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) short-term estimates of the recently announced public sector pay freeze and other planned spending cuts. It looks at the factors that affect AWE and whether they mean AWE will fall, remain stable, or grow in the coming months. It briefly considers whether long-term, annual surveys will capture the effects of the pay freeze better. (Download .pdf)

Just remember… You can’t always believe what you read because sometimes, the facts are manipulated to help you believe what the author wants you to read. 😉

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