Rekindle the dream…

Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Regular visitors will know (see previous post), despite having an affinity with some parts of the USA (Oklahoma) and certain people who reside there, I’m not generally a great fan of much about America, or the personal and business ethics of it’s people. That said, I have even less of a like for issues such as intolerance, bigotry or any form of victimization etc.

I do however maintain a passing interest in things American and maintain a dual UK/USA calendar on my computer. Because of this I was reminded of an important American Federal Holiday this week.

Martin Luther King Day marks the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and is observed on or near to the third Monday of January each year. For those who don’t know and I suspect there are many, after all it is the 25th Anniversary this year. Too many of us live in the here and now with little or no interest in or cognisance of history!

Dr King was particularly concerned with equality issues and the rights of Black Americans however; the matters of equality, diversity and simply being able to live together in harmony, irrespective of race, colour or creed are just as important today as they were all those years ago, if not more!

King had his ‘dream’ all those years ago and, although many of us are still ‘dreaming’, we all need to keep working towards that dream today!

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