Northumbria Sex Cop: Damage and Suffering

Northumbria Police
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So all the disgusting deeds of Mr Stephen Mitchell have finally and conclusively been examined in a court of law

Notice I, unlike the media, refer to him as ‘Mr’ and not a ‘PC’. At the time of conviction, he is not/was not a ‘Police Constable‘ and to my mind, irrespective of when he ‘resigned’ from the force, he actually lost all rights use that title the moment he abused that office and broke the law.

As an aside but also somewhat sickening is the fact how Northumbria police were unable (or unwilling) to identify this mans failings and predatory nature. Shouldn’t he also have been sacked instead of being allowed to resign? Strange how the force only appears to be considering legal actions now, for financial (as opposed to criminal or ethical) reasons. Perhaps the force leadership lacked the balls to take robust action required earlier and is now simply seeking to put lipstick on a pig?

BBC News: “A Northumbria Police officer has been jailed for life for carrying out sex attacks on vulnerable women he met while on duty in Newcastle”… (Read more)

All through the hearing we’ve had the (now common) media suppositions and innuendo and now, Northumbria police are issuing forth with a string of damage limitation platitudes. Hardly surprising when you consider that apparently; failings in officer selection process may well have prevented those women from becoming victims in the first place?

No doubt the best investigative journalists and litigation specialists, will be preparing their weapons of mass hindsight and readying for battle ahead. They will be sharpening their tongues and opening their wallets wide in early preparation to receive the financial spoils of this sickening case. In addition to the not inconsiderable slice of public sector finances already consumed (taxpayer’s money), the Northumbria Police force (as cash strapped as all the rest) will now also be facing substantial compensation claims.

Not with standing the physical, emotional and psychological damage endured by Mitchell’s victims, they are not the only victims. Countrywide, all law-abiding officers of integrity are also left with the fall out. Each day they will be forced to cope with doing their job under this cloud. They are suffering the after effects of yet another nail in the coffin of public support and trust for that once great institution that was British policing

Who is damaged and suffering from this case? In so many ways, we all are!

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