Hey you, yes you, listen up!

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Over at the Anna Raccoon blog, the value of blogging as an alternative to mainstream media, has been highlighted on numerous occasions.

The recent post Blogarithms points out how, “the pace of life in the Blogosphere has changed” and in Officially a Toddler, whilst celebrating two years of publication, she points out how it’s like being the “head barmaid – starting the conversation each day”

Anna Raccoon: I would venture to suggest that Bloggers have grown up; the truculent adolescents with their monosyllabic chant of ‘shan’t’, ‘won’t’, ‘don’t like it’ have left home, off to wave banners and utter two word comments on Twitter(Read more)

I suppose that in many ways, it’s a bit like my virtual boozer theory? Now we (bloggers) have been vilified and confirmed as genuine, I no longer feel like some sort of bitter and twisted old subversive any more. 🙂 Not that I ever did you understand; I have never been backward at coming forward with an opinion!

However, since arriving in the world of blogging, I have always considered it somewhat pompous and puerile when people, almost totally out of hand, dismiss blog comment as valueless to any mainstream debate.

All opinion is valid; just so long as it remains on topic and isn’t simply a stream of diatribe, rhetoric or explicative, isn’t it?

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