3G Babbles: Grumpy Goes Global?

James Howard Kunstler
Via Wikipedia

Mentioned in dispatches again, courtesy of Allcoppedout’s Blog who was commenting on a post from the Klusterfuck Nation blog by James Howard Kunstler (left).

Kunstler is “a good example of some very sceptical American thinking” and the comments were in response to a post entitled ‘Forecast 2011 – Gird Your Loins for Lower Living Standards’.

Global Grumpy? The basics are that most of what we call banking is a scam, any recovery is just a re-elaboration of the scam, most of what we call ‘the economy’ is about pointless crap and we’d be better off having lives rather than globalism.  Scary reading, a bit like Banksidebabble or… (Read more)

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