Can imagination equal reality?


Turning imagination into reality often takes an inordinate amount of time. Remember the… “I have a dream” speech which in many respects, still awaits substance. History is littered with ‘dreamers’ who never actually lived long enough to witness the substance of their vision!

So, can the ideas and concepts we desire or create in our imagination actually become reality? I suppose it often depends upon how realistic the notion is in the first place. One thing is for sure; it’s better to actually have an idea than, no bloody idea at all and, many people in our society (and leadership) fall squarely into that category. 🙂

The possibility of any real substance coming to fruition from a desire or dream often involves so many variables. Planning, materials, construction, finances and intelligence are all components of any resulting reality equation and, the greatest non constant of these is people. There are so many variables in the human race that, if/when the idea is totally reliant upon people, any imagined concept is probably almost certainly destined to failure. Crashed and burned as soon as it emerges from the drawing board of your mind.

The problem that we face is this; we rarely have the ability to physically control the actions or thought processes of others. In the main that’s probably a good thing, I for one wouldn’t want to live in a world full of clones, would you? Far better that our society be made up of individuals with a range of different ideas, or in modern (politically correct) parlance, the very fabric and structure of society grows when, we fully embrace and value our diversity!

But where do Good Ideas Come From?

The age-old adage “where there is a will there is a way” often rings true thankfully however, that ‘will’ also relies entirely on the people variable again. Another part of the equation that is impacted upon by the constant of a generally apathetic society. Until our leaders, politicians, managers and ‘ordinary’ people develop a greater level of social understanding and community interest, as opposed to self-interest, the sea change we require in our politics, government and society as a whole is also destined to failure.

Imagination rarely equals reality but it does shape it, unfortunately not often enough!

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