What a week and it’s only Wednesday!

Last Christmas
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So our transport infrastructure has ground to a halt (again) due to winter weather and interestingly also on the theme of winter of discontent… David Cameron met the movers and shakers of the trade union movement at No.10 this week; they left the meeting voicing very predictable war cries in an attempt to rally the troops of the social injustice battle group…

“Industrial action, civil disobedience and millions on the streets are all elements that we need to weld into the anti-cuts campaign and the government should be left in no doubt as to the angry and determined mood brewing up across the country.” (Bob Crow – Gen.Sec. RMT)

Like others I have questioned much of the raison d’être behind both sides of the political and social arguments before. Most of which is too little, too late and too nonsensicle to actually produce a tangible result. Especially when you consider that the hierarchy of both sides of the political divide tend to piss in the same pot of narcissism. In this weeks BBC News Magazine Joan Bakewell discussed how; Our fascination with the tragedies of others reflects our culture of narcissism

Another view that tends to suggest much of the current public angst could well be a waste of spleen venting effort, especially when you consider many don’t really know what they are shouting about or why they are shouting, it just seemed like a good idea…

Allcoppedout Blog: Are we seeing genuine protest felt by many on our streets, or “rent-a-mob anarchists?” …We may be in for at lot of trouble when enough people realise what we should be protesting about… Read More

In the post ACO also asked; “What chance substantial change when protest means throwing snooker balls at cops in a system that jails Assange but can’t deport criminal killers on human rights grounds?”

This factor alone highlights my often voiced point of view; we are living in a screwed up society where any ‘call to arms’ only happens when our self-interests are threatened. We care not a jot for politics or other’s in our society as a whole, just so long as they don’t impact upon our cozy little small-minded individual worlds. A prime example of the fuck you jack I’m alright mentality, until suddenly you’re not that is!

Perhaps I should be more sympathetic to the plight of those facing redundancy, especially at this time of year? My problem with offering up support to their cause is; many of the financial and social issues we face today are in fact our own doing. They are a direct result of our inherent poor work ethic, individual/group greed and our levels of social indifference! And that’s before you start to look at the issues surrounding class warfare politics or the common ineptitude in public sector management. Is it any wonder we face austerity measures?

As a slight aside but one that partly illustrates my point; this week I received one of those “I’m the best thing since sliced bread” job request letters. You know the ones…

I believe I possess the skills, qualifications and vital experience necessary to make a very significant contribution to a progressive enterprise. I have been instrumental in the introduction of positive change in various enterprises and new technologies. …I am searching for a position that can provide me with a modest annual basic of £55,000+, car scheme and bonus on delivery of defined projects. (Name and address supplied)

£55k+ and a bloody car; Many people in our country are holding their families together on a minimum wage of £5.93 per hour, struggling to heat their homes and put food on the table. We have a situation where even basic commodities like fuel and food are priced at a level to support business growth, inflated salarie and make vast profits for shareholders and executive fat bonus payments… More evidence of our individual and social greed.

Also this week; BBC Radio Two has been transmitting thought-provoking excerpts (for those that do actually think) from their Nine Alternative Lessons and Carols (due for full broadcast on Christmas Eve). The series helps to highlight some of the issues we should be getting our heads around in society.

Perhaps all this contrived interest in social issues and political rhetoric hot air would be better used in defrosting aircraft and trains?

BTW: I wonder if anyone is sparing a thought for all the small businesses, pubs that are closing at an alarming rate and the all too few remaining independent traders, struggling to scrape a living during this period of goodwill to all men? As individuals continue to suffer at the hands of conglomerates and the greed of individuals I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. And to my clients who have failed to pay their invoices for what ever reason, all the best for 2011 and thanks for feck all… Merry Humbug!

Narcissism is the personality trait of egotism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness. Applied to a social group, it is sometimes used to denote elitism or an indifference to the plight of others.

One thought on “What a week and it’s only Wednesday!

  1. You are right Banksie. If we could return to full employment, my sense of all this is we’d see a sea change. The problem is in achieving this when the political ‘sides’ have no answer.


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