Violence born out of social apathetic unconsciousness or maybe the police are to blame?

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For some time now my blogging colleague Allcoppedout (ACO) has been trying to make some sense of the shite we call our social democracy; haven’t we all? I would like to think so however, the answer to the question is probably a resounding NO.

With the propensity for self-importance, self-interest and every other form of ‘self’ in our society, as a nation we are (generally) only ever moved to some form of action, or indeed a modicum of interest, when something has a direct and negative impact upon us as individuals. A point when it is usually too late!

I would agree with the observations of my blogging mate in that; “current protests are more or less over nothing”, if for no other reason than realistically, they are long overdue and definitely far too late. Yes we could all protest over “the lack of jobs, fair education for the non-academic and real injustice” however, how many individuals in our society would actually understand what they were really protesting about? Always assuming they actually gave a stuff about the overall impact upon anyone but themself in the first place.

There is something to be said for the past days of our political history. The days where we could actually see the benefits and/or disadvantages of the opposing views of the nation’s political divide. The good ol’ days when red was red, blue was blue and the mediocre middle ground colours were somewhat superfluous and immaterial.

Since the birth of Nu-Labotomy (and more recently Con-Doomed), the ethics, thoughts and direction have in reality, become so blurred and fuzzy we are now at the point where we have to ask ourselves; do any of us really know what any of them actually stand for any more? Always assuming they actually stick to what they said when canvassing for your vote at the ballot box, a factor in it self that is highly unlikely.

Having said that, any empty promises prior to the election debacle are neither here nor there, especially when you consider the apathetic nature of our electorate. In real terms now, we have probably received the politics and politicians we deserve today. Most of them are actually pissing in the same pot when all is said and done; just over the opposite side of the rim.

A far more dire and dark issue for me amongst the current depth of excrement is; the direction that the current British policing model is developing. For some time now, mainly due to political interference and the courting of public popularity, the service has changed. These changes have promoted and are creating a two tier police structure. On the one hand we have the friendly neighbourhood teams of non warranted fluffies. Mainly PCSOs who have very few powers, limited training and are often laughed at by the public. Whilst the warranted officers are being trained and equipped to bash seven bells out of anyone who requires it. Successive governments have systematically been responsible for alienating the police from the public.  

I never thought I would come to this point in my social observations however; I am also starting to ask that classic and simplistic question, often voiced by the anti-everything do nothing lazy arses who genuinely believe society owes them everything… Are we moving towards a politically driven police state? I suspect ACO is thinking in a similar vein…

Grim side taking on policing demonstrations: Whatever is going on, the spectacle is disgusting… I’m inclining to the view that our scurrilous politicians are turning our cops into their own protection force.  If this is true, we have a duty to stop it… (Read more)

Yes it worries me that our national breeze of apathetic discontent is (suddenly) gaining a gale force strength and at an alarming rate I might add. You have to wonder; how long before this vortex of violence consumes us? Or as Insp. Gadget points out; could it all simply be a huge conspiracy as police start riots all over Europe?

Remember you reap what you sow, whatever colour your flag!

2 thoughts on “Violence born out of social apathetic unconsciousness or maybe the police are to blame?

  1. Gadget is good when witty. Academics from Adam Smith to Rawls and Habermas have expressed talked about ‘sympathy squared’, the ‘veil of objectivity’ and ‘communicative action’ rather than the individualist meanness that gets our goat Grumpy. I think the base fact is that we are ‘owed a living’ – though one those of us who can should work for on a fair basis. It once took the Black Death to raise wages. Now we need something to replace manufacturing crap and provide work to improve society. Financial services ain’t it and neither is organising to pay Rooney £250K a week!


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