UK handbuilt exports?

Stockholm seen from window of af Chapman.
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The news this morning of a possible UK/Sweden terror link is hardly a surprise (read more)…

Despite the outwardly displayed liberalism of many of our European cousins, they usually tend towards more robust methods of dealing with those who challenge their society and break their laws. This factor alone could probably be one of the main reasons why the UK has become something of a breeding ground for radical Islamic activists?

In my mind, one of the major reasons for the us & them mentality which prevails is the overall failure of integration in our society. Despite all the social and political moves over recent years, we are only ever likely to see full integration and better understanding in our multi-racial society when, all parties are actually prepared to fully integrate and live together inclusively, unfortunately many are not.

All the sociopolitical issues aside, I found it interesting that residents local to the events in Luton on Sunday were saying; there were loads of journalists in the area who were followed by the police. What does this tell us about the abilities (or not as the case maybe) of our media and our police service? Was the order of attendance at the ‘scene’ coincidental or engineered?

When the Swedish CSI department have finished their work piecing together fragments from the bomb scene, it wouldn’t surprise if they found a packaging label which said; Acmed IED Industries (UK) PLC.

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