Back to work after Moose Pie & Chips!

Shiras Moose - Pie filling? My Arse!
Image via Flickr

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics… An age old addage but one that has in many ways been the undoing of our once proud and efficient nation.

You can prove any result you want if you massage the correct set of data in the correct manner and this has been the national failing for years. That and the ability to climb to the top on the back of someone else. My mate ACO sums up many of these failures in the recent post on educational failure (see below)…

I first heard ‘education, education, education’ in East Germany (DDR) at some dreadful conference.  The academic was droning on and referring to a speech by a DDR politburo minister in the 1950s.  At dinner, a long way from prying ears, she apologised and told a very different story to the one for public consumption.  I didn’t see Blair in the DDR audience, but had the same reaction hearing him bleating out the same , though thankfully shorter sp … Read More

Deal with the bad and bloody well leave the good alone to get on with the task… Oh how I love my pipe dreams! Now were’s my Moose Pie and chips washed down with a warming glass of Pontikka and Lakkalikööri?

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