Oh shit it’s upgrade time!

Mobile phone evolution
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I’m not against mobile phones per se, I have always found the concept of freely available mobile communication an excellent and useful innovation however; I dislike the way many people actually use their phones.

I’m one of those who use it as a tool, not a fashion icon and unlike many, I don’t harbour this pressing desire to announce my mobile ability to the world. Not everyone in earshot wants/needs to hear what I’m talking about and I also prefer them not to hear. I’m also guarded about leaving my phone on open display, as a crime prevention measure you understand, not due to embarrassment about its age!

I find it hard to understand why people feel the need to wave their phones about or place them strategically nearby in a bar or coffee shop? Mine never comes out of my pocket except to answer or make a call. The fact you own a mobile phone is neither here nor there to most people, it’s ‘old hat’ just so yesterday. The only folks with a remote interest in your overt advertising skills are crooks. Miscreants who would seek to relieve you of your property, as quickly and as violently as necessary, usually to finance their next fix! 

Back to the upgrade process… I haven’t succumbed to all the techno geek hype about the iPhone or indeed, the business guru style generated tosh about the Blackberry. For some time now I’ve been something of a Nokia devotee and, despite all the annual upgrade pressure from providers (and offspring), I have stuck with my allegiance. Better the devil you know and all that however, upgrade time is approaching.

Because of the absolute plethora of makes and models, most of which are constantly updated and revised, choosing a new phone can often be a gargantuan task these days. The other major issue is, like all modern throw away technology, as soon as you make a purchase, the bloody thing has been superseded and is out of date!

I’ve owned mobile phones since it was difficult to actually describe them as ‘portable’ and, long before many of those in phone sales were actually born and this is where my upgrade problems start. I dislike the upgrade process, especially if I go to a phone shop and have to deal with some condescending oik or techno geek with all their pseudo street speak shite.

No wonder so many of us so-called ‘oldies’ never bother going for upgrades! (Mine was actually due almost two years ago) 🙂

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