Guilty but wait for the mitigation!

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What a result, finally an MP has actually admitted their guilt to screwing the system and squandering public money. The mitigation will no doubt be interesting?

BBC News: Former Labour MP David Chaytor has pleaded guilty to three charges relating to his expenses claims. Chaytor, 61, the former MP for Bury North, was charged with false accounting totalling just over £20,000. (Read more)

I wonder if we’ll hear the usual; “I came from a broken home, my family didn’t understand me, I was disadvantaged as a child, my habit made it hard to make ends meet, I got in with a bad crowd, blah blah blah!”

And from the defence wig; “My client, previously of impeccable conduct and honesty, has realised his terrible error of judgement. He has  admitted to the offence and his gross oversight however, as he is of previous unblemished character, I would ask lenience in your sentencing M’Lud”.

I have a friend who I go fishing with from time to time, we’ll call him ‘Fred’. During his formative years, Fred suffered from most if not all the above, he’s also registered disabled. He’s never done a criminal thing in his life, he does voluntary work in his spare time and for his daily job, he’s a council street cleaner. Fred recently won a council long service award and, he holds the council record for days worked without sick-leave. Fred never resorted to criminal activity, despite all the usual drives…

I hope Chaytor, who is no better than a common crook, offers a better quality excuse than the now common place standard dross used by his peers! 

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