Time for discipline investigations to challenge the laws of gravity?

North Yorkshire Police
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Today the IPCC has announced it has; “concluded its independent investigation into allegations against North Yorkshire Police‘s Chief Constable, Grahame Maxwell, and his deputy, Adam Briggs, in relation to a recruitment exercise” conducted by the force earlier this year (see here).

I notice from the reports that, two members of police staff have been sacked and a police constable disciplined in connection with the same recruitment exercise. Now there may well have been differing circumstances and actions by the individuals involved however, I have to wonder; what’s the likelihood of a similar punishment heading in Maxy’s direction?

If you consider that those at the top, should have a better grasp of the ethics, the rules and regulations or simply, a greater sense of the rights and wrongs than those at the bottom, if only due to ‘experience’, perhaps they should face similar results?

Rumour has it that the two members of police staff were “acting on instruction” allegedly, a factor I can neither qualify or quantify. That said, during thirty years police service, I have witnessed many internal discipline enquiries and a constant factor that usually prevails is; shit normally flows down hill. The blame for any misdemeanor is normally cascaded down the rank structure, irrespective of who is guilty or to blame!

Irrespective of the fact neither I, or any person not directly connected with the ‘facts’ of the case, knows the ‘full’ story, it really is time the direction of the crap flow started opposing the standard laws of gravity for a change! What ever happened to taking responsibility or the old addage of the buck stops here?

BBC News report: A chief constable and his deputy are to face a disciplinary hearing over allegations they helped relatives get jobs during a recruitment exercise. (Read more)

You can bet your bottom dollar that, IF Maxy is guilty of wrong doing, and receives a reprimand or even a dismissal, he is still likely to get a better send off than the likes of most ‘foot soldiers’. The best they can expect as a ‘golden handshake‘ after their thirty years of honesty and integrity, putting up with public demands and internal management and bureaucratic shite (irrespective of popular belief) is, a cheap piece of paper that basically says; “OK thanks, now feck off!”

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