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Have we all become so shallow that we’re honestly unable to eek out our miserable existences without a daily dose of media drivel?

I suspect the answer to the question is probably YES, especially if you base it on the exponential levels of public desire and craving for tabloid headlines, ‘reality’ shows and gossip magazine crap. Yesterday’s Royal Wedding announcement is a typical case in point. Twenty four hours on from the ‘news’ and the media are still banging on about every last aspect they can get some mileage out of, no matter how tenuous or bizarre the link…

The media coverage of the upcoming royal weddingVia Dr Matthew Ashton’s Politics Blog: There was only one story across all the media this morning, and that was the news of Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton. I fully expect this to be one of the national talking points for the next six months or so because it fulfils so many of the criteria we expect of a big news story. It involves famous people, it involves a Prince marrying a commoner (even if she’s not that common by most standards) and in grim economic times it gives Read More

Because I’m something of a traditionalist and possibly old-fashioned, I actually value the sanctity of marriage. Due to that fact I am also supportive of their engagement and hopefully, forthcoming wedded bliss. I wish William and Kate all the very best for the future. I also hope that people (and in particular the media) will actually leave them alone to get on with enjoying a long and happy life together. I can’t help thinking that this wish is something of a pipe dream. As a society we seem to have a propensity for siting in judgement of other people’s relationships and usually, the most vociferous critics are often those who have made an utter balls up of their own.

I am one of the (unfortunately) decreasing numbers of royalists in this island nation, I am proud of our history and our Royal Family. I am not jealous about their wealth or their privileged status (like many) and twice in my life, I have actually sworn allegiance to the Monarch, to protect her and her subjects in our society. I would have to say however, I do sometimes wonder why when I consider the latter. I would far rather be the subject of a Monarchy, as opposed to the nondescript citizen of some tin pot pseudo democratic republic.

All that said; within a few hours of the announcement I have to say, I was absolutely sick to the back teeth of the media coverage. How many different slants on a couple getting married can the media actually invent? Some 24hrs on from the ‘official’ event announcement, one that has actually been widely speculated upon for some time, we have had everything from the standard “how/when did he ask” questions to the more distasteful and condescending comparisons of William and Kate’s relationship with the marriage/divorce of his Mother and HRH Prince Charles.

And this brings me back to all the media crap in our society; for some time now I’ve had a feeling that our society’s predominant and almost constant craving for celebrity gossip, and other such ‘reality’ rubbish has (once again) got a lot to do with our cousins across the pond. The American’s, possibly due to their own short history, often display a propensity for OTT reactions to anyone who is slightly out of the ordinary. It appears so easy for someone to be promoted to almost cult status in the USA but unfortunately, often for all the wrong reasons.

If you’ve got a small fortune, or maybe you’re a reasonably proficient actor or musician, suddenly the paparazzi and every tacky gossip publication is on your case. It’s even better (aka more lucrative) if you have a drugs or booze problem and hopefully the creme de la creme, you also happen to be a serial philanderer. Despite my dismay at this type of media fueled shite, they’re not the ones at fault. They are only catering for the public appetite for this crap!

It is obvious however; small-minded people with small lives, self-interest and a limited grasp on reality, actually require some mental stimulus to kickstart their grey matter. Just a pity they’re unable to use those stagnating cells for something a little more productive. I suspect it’s a little too late to expect they could be applied to developing useful methods to prevent further social decline!

At least this is one gig that the likes of HELLO or OK magazines won’t have to negotiate an ‘exclusive’ pile of cash for!

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