Our Legal system – Hamztrung by Political Correctness?

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Reading today’s news about Abu Hamza, that most distasteful and grotesque of idiots (my opinion) who masquerades as a religious cleric, I was incredulous but not surprised to find our legal system had ‘whimped out’…

BBC News: Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-AMasri, who is serving a seven-year sentence for inciting murder and racial hatred, has won his appeal against government attempts to strip him of his British passport. (Read more)

Once again, one of those who decries western values is benefiting from the system he has sought to destroy. He has consistently plotted to undermine the very framework of British society since he arrived here in the 1970’s. He has called for violence, hatred and civil unrest. He has been convicted of terrorism incitement offences and has promoted the killing of  western ‘infidils’. In addition, whilst ensuring he screwed the maximum return from our social welfare pot, he has milked every other freedom that we enjoy and value. All this to further his own personal, religious and political aims.

How is it that we can allow someone to exploit the British legal and social support systems, the same systems they actually seek to destroy? The same systems and ethics that have allowed him to have his freedom of speech in the first place. Along with the remaining human rights he has been exercising and enjoying at our expense. Freedoms that undoubtedly would not be tolerated in almost any Islamic nation. Perhaps our system’s are simply hung up in political correctness?

As Hamza is supposedly an educated man, I find it hard to understand why he can’t see; his actions and words actually do more to alienate Muslim people and the Islamic faith than any other incident in history ever did. What a pillock!

Funny old world?

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