Will you won’t you do your bit?

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David Cameron has said “your country needs you” and he has urged Britons to “pull together” in the national interest…

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said Mr Cameron had tried to evoke a wartime spirit with his message, urging people to come together in the national interest to face national challenges. (Read more)

If old Davy boy is looking for mass public support, I think he’s sadly barking up the wrong tree. He may be able to gird the loins of the party faithful at the Conservative conference but he’s likely to be out of luck with the public.  Luck is a commodity he could end up requiring a lot of to get our Country back from the brink.

The once proud and robust population of this little island, complete with its internationally renowned stiff upper lip has lost its will to fight for what it believes in. It appears we no longer have an interest in anything, unless there is a personal gain involved. Individuals in our society base their social morals on individual greed and jealousy of others. It seems that it’s all about being classified as have or have not and the physical size of your wad. It’s going to take more than several of Churchill type rallying cries to get our nation to understand the issues and fall in line and do their bit.

So, it looks like the job could actually be fcuked before it even starts!

2 thoughts on “Will you won’t you do your bit?

  1. Sue and I switched him off. Crass old Tosh. I don’t think they have any ideas. The Irish have taken the austerity medicine like men, but it hasn’t helped. My own deep belief on this is we have smashed the manufacturing infrastructure needed for recovery (though I believe this is a deep, 150 years issue).

    I’m self-employed these days and rarely teach (I catch too many bugs) in this country. I’m convinced education is now more problem than answer. People I teach are in the top 40% educational achievers, and it’s clear half of them don’t get into thinking for themselves. I’d scrap a lot of education spend in favour of jobs that don’t need it. We’re trying to make silk purses from sows’ ears and effectively beat up on the non-academic kids. We’d all be better off with more people ‘turning sod’.


    1. I have been arguing this point for some time, academia has benefits but it is not the be all and end all panacea of social advancement. Creating “silk purses from sows’ ears” is highly unlikely to increase the worth of the purse content, just increase the individualism of the ‘fur coat & no knickers’ brigade!


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