Your social decay…

Social Decay
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Whilst people in the UK sit bemoaning forthcoming government cutbacks and slagging off the fat cat bankers, think a little deeper for a change… 

Think about the likely after effects of the proposed austerity measures and most importantly, have a word with yourself about the part you have played in our Country’s social decay. How your failures in teaching your children about right and wrong or how you have spent years expecting others to clear up your mess and how your failures have impacted upon the way we live today. 

Think about how you have spent a large proportion of your life not giving a fcuk about how your actions impact upon others. Think about how your offspring think it is fun to terrorise some poor old aged pensioner. Think about getting totally off your head several nights each has impacted on others. Think about how the alcohol, drugs and probable resulting illness or injury have impacted on your National Health Service. Ask yourself how you came to the conclusion, it is everyone’s fault except yours. 

Our police (the ones you expect to clear up YOUR crap) are facing the same personal financial difficulties most of you are. Your coppers will have to worry about how they make ends meet and provide for their families in just the same way you will. The only difference is, they will still be expected to carry on clearing up your mess, whilst you sit and wallow in self-pity! 

Have a read of the following and really try to understand what you have created and, just because it doesn’t actually happen on your doorstep today, don’t sit smug thinking “it won’t bother me” because soon it might. The following story is not some over paid, lazy copper complaining about the demise of his overtime gravy train. Neither is it from a person with some personal or political axe to grind. This information should help you understand about the crap YOU have created. 

Will you care? Probably not unfortunately… 

Police Inspector Blog: Our covert OP occupies a most convenient position in a cul-de-sac in the centre of this unpopular estate, which is within a few hundred intimidating yards of abandoned local shops. The Swamp Estate, strewn with broken glass and needles,  is set on the Ruralshire/Eastshire borders with surrounding countryside affording easy escape routes to foot and bridle paths. Central Ruraltown is 2 and 1/4 miles joyride away, and provides comprehensive shoplif … Read More 


2 thoughts on “Your social decay…

  1. There has been novel after documentary after play after …. about all this. One particularly stark one was about New Bury, not far from here or IG’s description. You are right MrG – yet the problem is very old now. ‘The Wire’ says a lot of it. Moss Side and Old Trafford in 1976 had much in common with Gadget’s Swamp, as did The Racecourse in Sale which was over-spill from same. I can remember a few community leaders say we’d let no-go areas establish and I turned a blind eye to vigilantes on a couple of occasions.

    My view is much of the behaviour and crime is childish and we need to bring relevant discipline to it in the adult bodies and networks. This needs to cut out the worthies who have stood back and done nothing for years, as well as grip parents. ‘Fagin’ is back with a vengeance amongst all this too. Very senior cops have lied and lied that they have the powers needed. They don’t.


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