Praying for a lumberjack

Image via Flickr

Have you ever noticed how people can be so vociferous about mundane personal issues and at the same time, be almost contemptuous about social and world issues? What causes these insular roots of apathy?

The tree of our society is laden with leaves that care not a jot for well-being of neighbouring foliage, never mind the mantle of a nearby coppice. Is it therefore any wonder the slightest thought is rarely extended towards the social forest of some far-flung continent?

The tree that once held the moral characteristics of the mighty oak, the empathy of a weeping willow and the consistency of an evergreen fir also once bore fruit in its own mirror image but things have changed. The life cycle that once continued without overt intervention has taken a different direction, and possibly even changed for good.

Successive generations of elected arborists, with strange political ideals of husbandry and obscure commercial drivers, have nurtured the trees to levels almost beyond recognition. We are now at a point where a totally new genus has emerged and I wonder; have we reached the final abyss of no return?

Whilst indigenous Poplars of the nation are continually striving skyward, to emulate their transatlantic Giant Redwood cousins, they have lost sight of their roots and the feet that were once solid foundations. With this excessive growth of self-importance, self-importance and self-indulgence I have to wonder, where it will all end?

Are we to await the growth of some all encapsulating plague of galloping fungal root decay to stem the growth or, do I simply pray for the lumberjack of reality to trim things back?

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