Lions loosing their roar?

Lions Clubs International
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Today whilst flipping through a local freebie community newspaper, I saw a story (see below) that in a way, confirmed something I have worried about for some time.

Is our society finally loosing all of its community and charitable spirit? If so, is this another social failing resulting directly from society’s predominantly self-centred approach to life by a large proportion of individuals?

Or, is it just because we are too busy to spare valuable time to help others, especially when our spare time is often at a premium, due to the difficulties which are presented when trying to balance work, family and other commitments?

“Last-ditch bid to save Ripon Lions Club” : “A club that has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity is facing the prospect of closure. Now down to just three members, Ripon Lions Club will be forced to close if a last-ditch recruitment bid fails to boost its numbers.” (

Perhaps the problem is down to the Lions Club International being perceived (by some) as, a stuffy old boys club, or maybe just poor understanding of the organisation due to lacklustre public relations and/or marketing? Whatever the reasoning behind the impending failure, it doesn’t bode well for similar charitable institutions such as the Rotary Club or the Round Table.

What makes this predicament even harder to understand is; given the recent support for the Pakistan Floods Appeal, or the earlier financial and humanitarian efforts in response to the Haiti Earthquake, why it is actually happening?

Perhaps the British people are just happier sticking a few quid in a collection box these days and leaving it at that… But what happens when there are no socially spirited people left? When there are no volunteers giving up their time to wave the collection box under your nose in the first place.

It will be a sad day when there is no lion roaring in the jungle of society’s apathy!

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