David I salute you!

Police lamp
Image via Flickr

Listening to PC David Rathband on the ‘Jeremy Vine Show’ (BBC Radio), I can’t help but feel total admiration and respect for the man and his family…

David has been blinded for life, had his whole world turned upside down and plunged into total darkness. He will also probably end up being invalided out of a career that he loved ultimately and for what?

The reasons are simple; David (like every other police officer in the land), was selflessly trying to make your life safer. David was upholding the laws of our land, he was protecting your human rights and doing what he could to keep you and your property intact. Safe from criminals who have absolutely no concept of their impact on others, and if they did probably still wouldn’t care. The indefensible and undesirable blots on the landscape of today’s screwed up society, the ones who think hero-worship mixed up thugs like Raoul Moat is in some way ‘cool’.

Did David complain or display anger towards Moat, no he didn’t. Was he winging and whining about how bad his life is, or courting sympathy because all he’s prepared to do is wallow in his own misery? No he was not and, continually said “there are many people worse off than me”. Perhaps all the ‘Moat Fans’ should think about some of this? But they won’t…

When they are moaning about the welfare state, complaining their Giro doesn’t pay them enough for their booze, fags, widescreen TV and chip suppers and planning their next robbery, burglary or stolen vehicle joyride for kicks, I for one will always be proud that our Country can still produce people like David Rathband… David I salute you!

David is (and should be) an inspiration to everyone in our society!

Visit The Blue Lamp Foundation

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