Insp. Gadget says; “I wish I was surprised”

Shame on you British Government and welfare system…SHAME ON YOU!

The police officer blinded by Raoul Moat has described the level of mobility payment he has been awarded as unfair. Pc David Rathband was shot in the face and chest by the gunman on 4 July. He revealed on Twitter that it was “somehow not fair” that he had been awarded the lowest band, £18.95 a week. Pc Rathband wrote on Twitter: “Now ready for battle with the DHSS. “Been awarded lowest band for mobility. Somehow not fair.” A spokesman for the dep … Read More


2 thoughts on “Insp. Gadget says; “I wish I was surprised”

  1. I have every sympathy with PC Rathband and his family.

    However Inspector Gadget brings UK police into disrepute and it is a shame that the victim is sullied by association with the lying Gadget and rabble police who follow his blog.


    1. I’m shure PC Rathband appreciates your ‘sympathy’ MTG however, is sympathy alone sufficient? I don’t think our society really appreciates the level of risk officers like PC Rathband place themself in, on an almost daily basis, so that people like yourself can enjoy freedom of opinion and expression.

      As for your comments on Inspector Gadget; you are (as I’ve said), thanks to the likes of PC Rathband, free and entittled to express an opinion. Whether or not others hold the same one is also a matter of opinion, but thanks for the feedback!


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