Have laptop will travel… Hopefully!

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The following subject keeps running around my head: Earning money from the internet at home or, living the life of a digital nomad is something many of us dream about…

Online digital storage devices and innovative internet connections mean working from anywhere in the world while travelling has never been easier… Living as a digital nomad could be more than just a dream. (BBC Click

Now that I actually have more spare time (in semi-retirement), perhaps I should really look more closely at the subject? 

Some of the first thoughts that cross your mind include; (1) “What do I have to sell?” (2) “I have knowledge but who would want to buy it?” (3) “I can tell stories but I’m no author so who would want to buy them?” Armed with those quandaries, many people never go any further than the dreaming stage and, I have to admit I have been one of them.

After years and years of browsing the net I have come across many sites that are money earners (apparently) so how hard can it be? I’m reasonably IT proficient, I’m fairly internet savvy and I have the time but do I want to be totally Location Independent, a home based Pro-Blogger or a combination of the two? Whatever the answer to the latter, where the hell do I start? As always these days, the answer has to be on the internet!

There is an absolute plethora of so-called experts who will tell you how to do it, blog after blog gives free advice and whilst reading through this crud for hours and hours, my wife (like many others probably) is continually asking; “can’t you earn some money from all the time you spend on the net?”

The answer is “I bloody hope so”, I’ll keep you posted 🙂

2 thoughts on “Have laptop will travel… Hopefully!

  1. I’ve been dreaming of a laptop since past few months as things have gotten difficult to work on a desktop computer. I really need it for my work reason. The problem is, I can’t afford one. 😦 I really wish there were some miracles. 😮


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