Weather Watching

Flood in Central Europe 2009 07 01-09 precipit...
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Modern-day forecasters would appear to have got it wrong yet again… Prepare yourself for a BBQ Summer they said. By the time Christmas 2009 arrived I realised it wasn’t going to arrive, doh!

Should I disregard the TV, radio and internet for my weather forecast and simply resort to more traditional and ancient methods? Perhaps the best way would be to don a druids robe, go stand in a stone circle at sunrise and wave a twig around in the breeze? It has to be just as good as all the modern technology, doesn’t it?

It made me wonder; were our forefathers any better at it with their Ancient-Wisdom or prehistoric science and technology? And, why are we so preoccupied with the darn weather conditions any way? It can’t have been any less accurate than now… Can it?

With the availability of information technology systems and the mathematical boffins at the Met Office and NOAA etc you would think forecasting would be a little more accurate. 😉

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