Booze Britain Ladettes!

Drunk girl: Girls gone wild?
Another British Booze Babe!

You probably heard the story earlier this week (see The Telegraph) about the woman in Costa Dorada, who left her 11-year-old daughter alone on a crowded Spanish beach, while she went off to a local bar to get off her head…  

The Spanish courts gave her a six months suspended jail sentence and her child is currently in the care of the Spanish Social Services. You would think the story ended there but not a bit of it…  

It appears she wasn’t content with having to deal with the stigma, shame and stupidity of the incident. Neither was she apparently concerned that her daughter may have been abducted or worse! What does she decide to do? She gets released and then promptly goes on another 5-6 hour bender the same day… Presumably to celebrate!  

Alicia Jenkins, 42, crawled bars swigging vodka for at least five hours after being freed on bail for abandon-ing 11-year-old Sadia. (Daily Star)  

What is wrong with people in this fekin Country, it’s bad enough when girls without the responsibility of kids behave like that but a mother doing it, that really beggars belief! Why is there this inherent need to go and get totally shit faced every time you have a drink? And, why are the majority of the hammered idiots usually (although not in this case) young women?  

It appears a large proportion of young females in this Country just want to spend their life being a Ladette until they mary a footballer or win X-Factor that is! What is even more worrying is; they couldn’t care less about what states they get in and, appear to have absolutely no comprehension about what it’s likely to be doing to their health. 

Can they be turned from Ladettes into Ladies? I doubt it in most cases! 


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