For every action there is a consequence!

Image by Curtis Gregory Perry via Flickr

Obviously during this period of austerity, the government are looking at any ways they can save money. Some of the areas that need to come under fire are the ludicrous benefits payments from our wonderful welfare system.  

There are several elements of our society who thrive on the welfare state. Some even take great pride in the fact they know every scam designed to screw the system, but for how much longer? 

People dependent on drugs and alcohol who refuse treatment could have their welfare benefits withdrawn under plans being considered by the Home Office. (BBC News

The danger with taking this action is; addicts who lose benefits will quickly offset that lose by committing crime to support their need. Theft, burglary and robbery will be on the increase. Or, it may be they just resort to ‘handling’ by dealing in their mates ‘hot’ goods for their next fix. 

Which ever way you look at it, there will be a significant negative impact upon crime figures. A change that even the best ACPO book cookers won’t be able to massage to an acceptable level. 

For every action there is a consequence, irrespective of how good that action might be! 

One thought on “For every action there is a consequence!

  1. Seen the latest thoughts…
    “People should stop calling heroin users “junkies” or “addicts”, an influential think tank on drugs has said: The UK Drug Policy Commission said such names stigmatised users and made it more difficult to get off drugs.”
    WTF? I’m speachless!


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