Taxing the nation’s patience

HM Revenue and Customs HQ
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Seven Revenue and Customs staff have been sacked for racism after tampering with the tax benefits of ethnic minorities to cut their payments. (The Telegraph

Although dishonest and unfair, the question has to be asked; why did these people do what they did in the first place? 

Would the ‘offenders’ have resorted to such action if they had confidence in the system? A confidence that our government was actually in control of the benefits system and only paying out to deserving recipients? Confident taxpayer’s money was only being handed out to those genuinely ‘in need’. And, probably even more important to many, only paying out to deserving long-standing residents of this nation. 

It is ludicrous that all and sundry can arrive in the UK from wherever and immediately claim benefits. Anyone leaving the UK and plonking themself in another country, without their own financial where with all, wouldn’t be afforded the same consideration. The politicians really need to wise up to the fact, many of them are here simply because they can’t get these handouts at home. The situation really is taxing the nations patience. 

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