Natural Street Cred?

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Apparently, a survey suggests that ‘64% of 8-12yr old kids today, only play outside less than once a week’ (The Guardian)? The author of the article is concerned that; “More and more children today have less and less contact with the natural world. And this is having a huge impact on their health and development”.

What concerns me more is; if they have ‘less and less contact’ with the outside world, how is it that as soon as they reach 14yrs they suddenly believe have street cred?

They immediately feel they have sufficient life experience to be out on the town until the early hours of the morning (on several nights each week). They automatically become hardened experienced drinkers and experts on all the qualities of most strong cider, beer and alcopops; sufficient to write a comprehensive review for the latest edition of ‘The Shit Faced Journal’ (if they could actually write). The girls in particular, are convinced they are fashion icons, just awaiting the next lucrative catwalk assignment. Failing that they can always marry a footballer or win X-Factor.

I always thought that street cred was something that developed over time, was based upon the challenges you had faced and overcome in life or education and general life experiences. It appears I am wrong and it must be in their (baggy) jeans… Strange how growing up has changed so much?

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