Queue Jumping?

My friend told me the following story…

The other day I needed to go down to the local hospital casualty department. Not wishing to sit there for 4 hours continuously, I put on my old car park uniform and stuck a patch that I had previously downloaded off the Internet onto the pocket of my shirt.

When I got there I sat down in the queue and I noticed that 75% of all the people there soon got up and left. I assume they’d all decided that they weren’t that sick after all!

This cut at least 3 hours off my waiting time…

This is the patch I downloaded:-UK Border Agency

The next time you need quick service, you may like to use one too. It also works at the DSS – saved me 5 hours!

At the laundry, where 3 minutes after entering, I had a choice of any of the machines, most of them still running!

Don’t try it at McDonald’s though – there the whole shift got up and left and I never got my order…

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