Police – Public consultation…

The Police ServiceHa… “opportunity to ask a question and/or make a point”… Or so was my thought process when I heard about the government web chat on policing issues… After all, we should all take an interest in shaping our Country and our future… Shouldn’t we?

It would appear that the Government are still against regionalisation and/or amalgamation of police forces, according to this morning’s No.10 webchat on policing

We’re opposed to compulsory force mergers to create regional police forces which would be more distant from their communities – big isn’t always beautiful. Nick Herbert MP

That comment alone flies in the face of a great deal of informed opinion!

Readers can rest assured that I presented numerous questions to the debate however, probably due to the level of interest (or political choice) none were published or answered? Or, could it have something to do with Nick Herbert’s closing comment?

 I’m sorry I couldn’t answer more questions. I fired the Downing St typist and did it myself – could have been a mistake ….

One thought on “Police – Public consultation…

  1. I have it on good authority from the rumour mill that… The talked about amalgamation of Durham Constabulary and Northumbria Police IS going ahead… Possibly as early as this September?

    Let’s see how good rumour control is and, if the proposal goes ahead, perhaps that will open the floodgates for some more?

    How the administrative machine will try and justify maintaining the so obvious duplication of departments and personel will be interesting. 🙂


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