Huntley Damage?

Soham murderer Ian Huntley is to sue the Prison Service after he was attacked by an inmate. (BBC News)

There are many saying this is ludicrous, there are also as many saying that Huntley has the same human rights as anyone else, just because he is in prison for murder, doesn’t give anyone the right to attack him. OK, but what about the rights of the two little girls and their families?

The fundamental principle of ‘justice’ in the western world dictates an offender should be tried and punished by his/her peers; why should we expect the age-old principle of ‘honour amongst thieves’ to be any different?

To allow Huntley’s claim to go forward (and heaven forbid succeed), would simply be another watering down of the only deterrent we have in this Country.

Huntley may have been damaged however, allowing the claim would also damage the punishment value. Prison is the only deterrent we have and, one that needs to remain as strong and harsh as possible. It is the only way we can try to dissuade sick murdering people like Mr Huntley!

Convicted offenders actually need to fear punishment, not look on it as some form of enforced holiday camp environment.

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