Our Society?

With all the furor and muck slinging since the general election and, the subsequent apportioning blame for the past (and future), problems we are experiencing, I got to thinking about our society and that classic social novel Animal Farm

Animal Farm: The novel addresses not only the corruption of the (Russian) revolution by its leaders but also how wickedness, indifference, ignorance, greed and myopia destroy any possibility of a Utopia. (Wikipedia)

Animals Gone Wild! George Orwell classic Animal Farm set to music.

A large proportion of ideological theory is fundamentally flawed but why? More often than not the theory is born out of the thoughts and desires of an individual (or group of individuals) and here we have the crux of the issue, individualism… What ultimately pleases, upsets or satisfies me will probably not present the same result for another person… So simple really, utopia would only be possible if all those living there were actually clones of the theorist.

Ergo, it is impossible to have a society that pleases everyone all the time, a factor borne out by the level of argument prevalent today. It doesn’t mater whose fault it was that we’re in ‘financial meltdown’, it’s how we deal with the situation now and in the future.

The original Animal Farm animation…

After reading the comments on this clip (many of which appear to be of USA origin), I found it interesting how many ‘individuals’ also have different interpretations and understanding of things. Some took the story literally, some were convinced there was some ulterior (and sinister) motive to the story whilst others, well they just appeared to totally miss the point all together. And the reason for this? I would suggest much of this difference of opinion is actually down to ‘individuality’, that and a clear reflection on their ‘individual’ academic and social experience.

Wouldn’t it be nice if just for once, the individuals who make changes to our society, fully consider the implication of their actions on the diverse range of individuals that live in it. Everything we do generally has some form of impact upon others and we would do well to remember that and consider all the implications of our actions…

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