HMIC tells ACPO to get a grip!

In my previous post on the matter of the forthcoming police budget cuts, I noted that the president of ACPO was forecasting loss of police officers. It was nice to see Sir Denis O’Connor (the HMIC and a real ‘copper’s copper’) has told ACPO in his speech at their annual conference to stop their mollycoddling risk aversion methodology. And allow officers to make decisions without any witch-hunt blame culture…

HMIC: “The public want to see the police, and leaders must stand by those who have to make tough decisions on the information they have and allow reasonable mistakes to be made without a witch-hunt”. (BBC News)

2 thoughts on “HMIC tells ACPO to get a grip!

  1. Mark Twain must have had a foresight into the workings of ACPO when he said… “Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please”.


  2. Whilst the HMIC is telling ACPO to be sensible and that cuts CAN be made without detriment to ‘frontline’ policing, the head of the Anti Terrorist Squad is telling deligates at a fringe meeting of the ACPO conference; “cuts would raise the risk of a terrorist attack”. (BBC News)?
    Can’t beat a good bit of ‘scare mongoring’ when trying to influence the size of your budget 🙂


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