Police Cuts…

With imminent public sector spending cuts, it concerns me (and others) that most of the decisions about where to wield the axe, will actually be made by middle management and senior officers. One of the exact areas that should be subject to the cuts. You can understand that worry when you consider, large tiers of unwarranted management are hardly likely to recommend their own demise are they?

The relevance of this is discussed at length in the latest report from the Thin Blue Line where the concluding observations of the ‘Stop Police Cuts’ report state:

As police authorities and Chief Constables decide how they will deliver their share of the £125million in budget cuts, we would observe that there is simply no case to answer in allowing frontline resources to be compromised or in any way affected by the cuts. There are far too many other areas, whose contributory value is surrounded by doubt as to their worth and effectiveness in delivering improved operational efficiency.

I leave it to the reader’s perception to work out what the cuts will ultimately deliver!

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