Sailing close to the wind…

A Royal Navy wren has been jailed for smuggling cocaine into the UK on board a warship which had been on counter-narcotics training. (BBC News)

I see that the offender Teresa Matos (37yrs of Gateshead) is an immigrant from Angola and was granted ‘asylum’ in 2004. Another interesting fact is that her boyfriend from London was also a successful ‘asylum seeker’. WTF is going on? As if we don’t already have enough of our own criminals, now we’re importing new ones from other nations! Obviously a product of one of the previous governments ‘developing diversity (at any frickin expense) in our society’ campaigns!

They broke the law and she also wholly disgraced the uniform of the Senior Service… Thankfully they were caught and have felt the full (light) weight of the British legal system. Prison sentences of 10 and 13 year prison respectfully are to be commended however; it is unlikely they will actually serve more than two thirds and more importantly, it is yet another drain on the British tax payer.

I suppose Ms Matos’ TAX/NI contributions from her Royal Navy salary could be considered as a deposit on her incarceration accommodation costs. Not entirely sure what contribution the boyfriend will have made during his busy working life within the import/export/distribution sector, if any?

It really is time that we had a shake up and tightening up of the whole lacklustre immigration and asylum process in this Country. I’m all for people having the freedoms of movement between differing nations however; they should only be allowed to lay down roots once they have proved their worth to the host nation… And that doesn’t include the bloody underground economy!!!

The UK immigration policies and procedures that have been applied in recent years are either inadequate or nonfunctional. They are creating a situation whereby indigenous residents of the UK are starting to feel like outsiders in their own country. Failure to manage immigration controls effectively is a very dangerous road to go down. It is one which has formed the bedrock of ethics in some of the most tyrannical dictators throughout history.

Continuing to sail so close to the wind on this issue simply adds weight to the arguments put forward by extreme right-wing groups like the BNP… No sensible, educated and self-respecting person would want to see their support increase, would they?

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