Bling Danger…

I got to wondering… Why is it that kids always seem to wander around with their mobile phones clutched in their mitts? To be fair to the boys it is mainly the females that have this trait, but not exclusively.

I can partly understand the young boys that do it; if they left the phone in the pocket of their droopy baggy trousers, it would be so far removed from any intelligent or sensitive receptor and they would never know if it rang. I can only think that the beautifully bronzed (orange) and bejewelled (blinged) girlies see it as an extension of their carefully applied (by trowel) and not inconsiderable expensive makeup… Word on the street is; “it’s like a totally essential fashion accessory init, na wot I mean” for the next generation of wannabe WAGS and models.

I suppose another reason could be something to do with the current style of bespangled ‘designer’ handbags which the girlies carry these days. Many of them are so big they are reminiscent of the carrying capacity of a military kitbag. Just think if they put their phone away, they’d probably have to climb inside the bloody bag to find it again… “That just simply wouldn’t do, what if I missed the ‘important’ call from Tiffany who’s trying to get the Goss on Chantelle… Are you stupid?”

Perhaps it’s only a phenomenon prevalent in the less crime ridden areas of the country after all; they would soon be forcefully/violently relieved of their prized possession in one of the larger urban conurbations of our light-fingered society. This is the prime reason why mine stays in my pocket unless it’s in use of course. I have no desire or need to show it off as some form of de rigueur chav status symbol, despite the fact it is relatively up to date and possesses all the relevant ‘must have’ bells and whistles!

So does the make/model/colour of your mobile communication device actually provide evidence you have arrived at whatever tier of social status you aspire to? Unfortunately, and especially in these times of simplistic shallow appreciation of human quality and worth, along with the crazed drive to obtain ‘celebrity status’ the answer probably has to be yes.

Let’s hope they don’t end up getting disfigured (or worse) when they are parted from their ‘electronic comfort blanket’ by some drug crazed thug looking for fix money!

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