Billy & Bob go to Glastonbury…

Here we go again with the bickering and squabbling… “I told you he’d break it, he did it, he did it, I told him but he wouldn’t listen!” The  argument and counter comments and allegations continue; “you always blame me, it’s so unfair” shrugs and wanders off all dejected with rounded shoulders and head hung low, muttering and kicking an imaginary tin can!

Wouldn’t it be nice if Billy Blue and Robert Red could simply stop this endless arguing and just get on and play nicely together?

So Billy Blue and his new friend Willy Wannabee (whose family appear to have changed their name so many times by deed poll) are left cleaning up the mess left by little Bobby Red. At least it looks like they might have buried the hatchet, agreed to differ and decided to work together for the common good. We’ll just have to wait and see how long it lasts!

Some times the realisation hits you in the face and you reach that point where you simply have to grow up, develop some maturity, step up to the bar and get a grip of things… Be the bigger person, irrespective of how popular you are (or want to be)!

I’m not talking teenagers or small children here; this is the way the politicians who run our Country behave, just like little kids…

There are those who would disagree however; our new coalition Government has inherited an absolute financial mess, which wasn’t helped by the ‘scorched earth’ spending policy of the previous administration. A methodology designed to bolster failing levels of popularity, as opposed to the delivery of service and security for our nation.

Wasting time dissecting the past differences of opinion and action/inaction are superfluous and simply not an option. The longer it goes on, the longer everybody suffers. If you simply want to have fun, enjoy a laugh, eat drink and be merry, forget your troubles and just throw mud at each other… Go to Glastonbury!

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