Gulf of Mexico…

As a diver, fisherman and boat loving marine life fanatic, like many others, I have an acute fear for the ultimate and longterm welfare of the Gulf of Mexico…

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico in maps and graphics (BBC News)

The after effects of the oil spillage will undoubtedly have long-term negative effects on the marine ecology, as well as those who’s livelihoods depend on it… Gulf of Mexico oil leak ‘worst US environment disaster’ (BBC News)

The situation is an undoubted disaster however it appears the US administration, in what is the birth place of ‘blame culture’ and ‘fat cat lawyer civil litigation’, is getting ready to unleash a degree of financial Armageddon upon British Petroleum. A cash cow the likes of which have probably never been seen before… BP suffers Washington blame game after oil spill (BBC News) and BP’s shares fall 13% after plan to stop oil leak fails (BBC News)

Apparently the US warns it may ‘push BP aside’ on Gulf oil clean-up (BBC News). The report goes on to mention the fact that; Although it is within the government’s power to push BP aside, it would appear that BP is the only organisation with the knowledge to actually deal with a situation like this at such a depth.

It appears (as usual) the real driving force of the situation is more about appeasing public opinion and bowing gracefully to media pressure, as opposed to actually dealing with facts and the reality.

Working within the Health and Safety industry, I have more than a passing interest in this incident. I’m also looking forward to the subsequent enquiry, what actually went wrong and, IF anyone really was negligent or blameworthy. However, unlike a large proportion of the US population (and consequently elements of the American government), I am prepared to wait for the facts that emerge after the incident has been investigated properly.

I also have to wonder (given the USA love affair with the oil industry); would the current level of blame be quiet so vociferous, if the owners of the rig had been American as opposed to British?

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