The Truth & Anything but the truth…

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Is it a form of senior management dyslexia or just getting their wucking merds fuddled?

I was thinking (as I do from time to time) about why politicians and senior police officers continue to embellish the truth about crime statistics. And, why they are happy to spend large sums of public cash, trying to convince the public things are actually better than we think they are?

It is evident so many of them don’t appear to give a stuff about crime and antisocial behaviour; just so long as it’s not going on in their back yard. The “sod you jack I’m ok” mentality which unfortunately is so often a feature of today’s society… The only time most show any concern is when there’s a real possibility that public mumblings and perceptions may have a negative effect on their popularity; and consequently their salary or promotion prospects.

Another major factor in the process of handling and control of ‘public information’ within middle management; the ‘fear factor’… Adrian Cronauer (made famous by the film ‘Good Morning Vietnam) refers to this in one of his talks as the ‘beurocracy factor’ (see latter part of video below).

Be it an enforced censorship by a government department or an involuntary one due to worrying about career prospect negativity, it still amounts to the same… “Lie to the public because, they only need to know what we think they need to know”.

Year on year and, irrespective of ‘manipulated’ government crime statistics and, the myriad of  ‘safer neighbourhood team’ soundbites, trotted out to an expectant and hungry media by senior police officers; the failing war on Crime and Anti Social Behaviour IS having a negative impact upon people’s quality of life in many areas of this Country. 

The first victim of war is truth – Rudyard Kipling

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