Vote at 16?

The voting age should be dropped to 16, according to a major think-tank: Demos claims that one million people aged 16 and 17 are disenfranchised by “outdated” attitudes, and that the case for change is “stronger than ever”. (BBC report)

They’re having a laugh!!! Move drinking and voting age to 21 would be a better plan. As if this country isn’t in enough shit already without giving immature lazy arse drugged up drunken kids a say in politics as well? Where do these ‘thinkers’ get their ideas? They’re obviously not living in the real world (like a lot of academics).

These people have the same mentality as those that bang on all the time about ‘freedom of choice’ or ‘human rights’. What they always forget is; freedoms of choice and human rights should not be expected just by virtue of ataining a specific age. These ‘rights’ and ‘priveleges’ are earned by demonstrating maturity, knowledge, education and the understanding and ability to make an ‘informed’ choice that does not have a detrimental effect on the remainder of society! When are we going to stop trying to turn our kids into adults?

Young man/woman, demonstrate your maturity and worth to society as a whole, then you can have the right to vote!

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