I woke this morning and thought I’d been teleported during the night to some peaceful and picturesque relaxing coastal retreat… The squawk of seagulls drifted through the window so loudly that I fealt like an extra in the famous Alfred Hitchcock film and hastily squinted out of the window, just to confirm I hadn’t been kidnapped in my sleep!  

Seagulls so far in land? Perhaps gulls enjoy a trip inland on their day off, just like humans who like to go to the coast on a weekend? We go for the sound of the sea, the fresh air, fish & chips and a ‘kiss me quick hat’ and the gulls? They come in land and gorge themselves on the easy pickings on every street corner in the town!  

Discarded half-eaten pizza (still in the box), kebab meat that has been dropped by some intoxicated tosser wobbling his way loudly home the night before and, the ubiquitous trail of chips or rice leading from most fast food outlets.  

At the speed the local authority actually cleans the streets, the gulls don’t have worry about rushing to have a special day out to get their freebies. Any bloody day of the week is likely to prove fruitful for them!

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